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The Denver Museum of Nature & Science has hosted family days for the LGBTQ community since 2014. Initially, the Museum held a focus group with members of the LGBTQ community to determine what a successful family day would include. It didn’t take long for community members to express their desire for more.

We soon realized that opportunities to expand beyond a single family day were endless and wanted to ensure that whatever we offered would be meaningful to the LGBTQ community. The Museum was thrilled when several organizations within the community responded to invitations to collaborate on the design and creation of new and different programs.  

Before we jumped into planning however, the Museum wanted to take the time to develop relationships with interested organizations to discuss what their challenges and priorities were and identify ways we could work together.

During the initial meetings, several themes emerged that serve as guideposts for the relationships the Museum enjoys with these organizations and for the development of future programs:

  • Partnership: This is a collaborative process and partnerships will be built on trust and mutual respect.
  • Connectedness: We will use a team approach keeping the LGBTQ community at the center of our work together.
  • Accessible: We will connect with people where they are and change the expectation that a Museum experience has to occur at the Museum, and experiences will be fun and memorable.

The organizations helped identify several desired outcomes for the Museum’s work with and for the LGBTQ community, including that the Museum:

  • Remains a comfortable and safe space for social interaction
  • Visibly express its commitment to inclusivity (“Walk the Talk”)
  • Emphasize that the children are our future
  • Provide LGBTQ content
  • Reflect personal educational values of LGBTQ community members
  • Be young at heart

To help achieve these outcomes, LGBTQ organizations are invited to participate to the level of their comfort as their schedules permit. The Museum recognizes that not every organization can participate at the same level and that the ability to participate at all is seasonal and dependent upon the priorities of each individual organization. Whether helping develop content for an event or spreading the word, any and all levels of participation are welcome as the Museum works with the LGBTQ community to ensure it is a welcoming place for everyone and that it is connecting with members of the LGBTQ community in convenient, relevant ways. 


For more information, please contact

Jennie Crate : [email protected]

Eric Godoy : [email protected]

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