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Golden Eagle Fieldwork

Museum staff Bailey, Niedrach, and Landberg took several field trips to nearby cliffs in Douglas and Weld County to study the golden eagle circa 1935. They suspended bird blinds to photograph the nest with young chicks.  Imagine using the bumber of this 1938 Chevy Suburban for an anchor.  With great difficulty one can see "Denver Museum of Natural History" hand-lettered on the door of the car -- which would be worth being in a museum itself were it still around.

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Catalog # IV.0090-1557  Hoisting the photographer's blind into place. Photo by F.G. Brandenburg

Catalog # IV.0090-1581  Fieldworkers at Golden eagle nesting site, OK Ranch, May 5, 1938.  Photo by F.G. Brandenburg

Catalog # IV.0090-1641  Robert Niedrach and young golden eagle, 7/17/1937.

Catalog #Golden Eagle  Erecting eagle blind, Douglas Co., Colorado, April 1937. Photo by F.G. Brandenberg


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