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  • A few days after Thanksgiving dinner, a popular tradition calls for two people to grab opposite ends of a dried wishbone and pull until the bone breaks in two.The irony: The wishbone is special because it's one piece.The furcula (the technical term for a wishbone) is formed by the fusion of two coll…
  • 70,000 years ago: A young, female Columbian mammoth, grazing the shores of a small peat bog high in the Rocky Mountains, meets a terrible fate. Whether driven by some fearsome Pleistocene predator, or simply seeking water or food, she gets trapped in a sticky, cold mix of mud and rotting plants. Now…
  • Fall Colors

    Posted 09/30/2015 by Ian Miller | Comments
    In Colorado, the fall season harkens shorter days, cold nights, and the promise of the first snows. While many eagerly anticipate the upcoming ski season, many too revel in this time of year enjoying the famous and often spectacular display of color put on by the leaves of aspen trees throughout the…
  • Turtles and their bizarre body plan have fascinated me ever since I had a pet box turtle as a child. Their hard shells and bony skull roof that lacks openings for the jaw musculature are unlike that in any living animal. It was not until reading through my freshman year biology textbook that I reali…
  • This last weekend I was on a little trip out to Glenwood Springs and decided to make a little detour while I was out there – to visit somewhere I’ve been meaning to go for nearly 15 years. This place is Dotsero, exit 133 off of I-70.  The town itself, however, was not why I was there – the volcano t…
  • A bunch of happy paleontologists carrying home the shoulder blade and humerus of a sauropod dinosaur.Howdy from back home in Denver! After a loooong trip back home we can finally relax and fill you all in on the amazing discoveries and adventures we’ve had over the past few weeks in the Ampolipoly f…
  • Malagasy Food

    Posted 07/29/2015 by Joseph Sertich | Comments
    Written by Hank Woolley.Our incredible camp chef, Nary, making a beautiful egg omelet and soupy rice for the team in Analavelona.If you’re the type of person who loves consistency, then you’ll absolutely love Malagasy cuisine. Throughout my two months here in Madagascar, I’ve learned to love two thi…
  • Written by Hank Woolley. Our wily MICET driver Claude posing with one of the numerous ammonites we collected.Well, in terms of dinosaurs and terrestrial ecosystems, we got skunked in Analavelona. BUT on the bright side, we did discover a vast array of marine depositional environments, from shell be…
  • Itchy Bean

    Posted 07/26/2015 by Joseph Sertich | Comments
    Written by Hank Woolley.Our nemesis for the field season!For those who have experienced Tangilotra (a.k.a. Itchy Bean), we feel your pain. What starts out as a cute appellation for a fuzzy brown beanstalk becomes a name more dreadful than Voldemort in Harry Potter. One mention of the phrase “I’ve hi…
  • Written by Hank Woolley. Most of the time, paleontology and roadwork go hand-in-hand.Here we are, on the shores of the Manadrano River (the precise name is a little unclear). Our campfire is blazing, and clear water with azolla on the edges flowing by. Quite an idyllic spot, particularly after the …
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