Access and Special Needs

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The Denver Museum of Nature & Science offers many services to facilitate and enhance the Museum experience for all of our guests.


Accessible parking spaces are available in the main parking lot on the north side of the building, in the underground parking garage (enter at the northwest corner of the lot), and on the east side near Phipps IMAX Theater.


The main barrier-free entrance to the Museum is on the north side off the main parking lot. The doors are fully accessible with push-button entry. A ground-level elevator is available for Phipps IMAX Theater after 5:30 p.m. and is also push-button accessible.


Elevators are in the north and south atriums, the Morgridge Family Exploration Center, and the Leprino Family Atrium. Elevator controls are marked in braille.


The security staff is trained in emergency procedures and will assist visitors who need special assistance with evacuating the building if necessary. The Security Desk is located near the main exit on Level 1.


If a guest is accompanied by a professional aide, the aide is admitted to the Museum, Phipps IMAX Theater, and Gates Planetarium for free (one aide per guest). To make a reservation for a professional aide, please call Guest Services at 303.370.6000.


Service animals are permitted throughout the Museum.


Wheelchairs, canes, and strollers may be checked out at no charge from the Information Desk on a first-come, first-served basis.


Restrooms are located throughout the Museum and are wheelchair accessible. Family Restrooms are located inside the entrance to Gems and Minerals on Level 1; in the far corner of Discovery Zone on Level 2; and outside of Anschutz Gallery (Temporary Exhibits) on Level 3. An adult-sized changing table is available; please inquire at the main Ticketing Desk.


A Mother's Room, furnished with an armchair, sink, and electrical outlet, is in the family restroom inside Gems and Minerals on Level 1. Most restrooms throughout the Museum have baby changing stations.


Braille maps and resources for guests with Autism or sensory needs (e.g. wiggle cushions and noise-reducing headphones) may be checked out at no charge from the Information Desk on a first-come, first-served basis.


Wheelchair seating in Phipps IMAX Theater accommodates six wheelchairs, first come, first served. Access to the theater during Museum hours is on Level 3 near Prehistoric Journey. Please wait by the sign for an usher to assist you. Wheelchair seating is also available in Gates Planetarium. Enter through the main doors of the Planetarium.


Assisted listening devices are available at no charge on a first come, first served basis for most shows in Phipps IMAX Theater and Gates Planetarium. Please request the device from an usher or at the box office at least 20 minutes before the show begins.


Closed captioning is available in Phipps IMAX Theater using Rear Window. Please request the device from an usher or at the box office at least 20 minutes before the show begins. An ID is required as a deposit.


American Sign Language Interpreters are available at no charge for Museum live programs and lectures. Please call Guest Services at 303.370.6000 or email us at [email protected] for questions and reservations. Please allow at least one week notice for any requests.


For questions related to accessibility at the Museum, please contact [email protected].

The following descriptions will help you plan your visit.  

Gems and Minerals, Level 1 

  • See gems, gold, minerals, a sparkling crystal cave, and walk through a mine tunnel.
  • Hear a description of the mine on the phone at the entrance and realistic mine sounds in the tunnel.
  • Touch the rough rock walls as you walk through the mine tunnel.
  • Touch and compare mineral specimens for weight and hardness.
  • See and hear captioned videos that tell the story of the world's largest rhodochrosite and aquamarine.


Insects, Level 1 

  • See butterflies, moths, and other insects from Colorado and around the world.
  • Touch large models that tell the story of the life cycle of a butterfly.


Edge of the Wild, Level 2 

  • See beautiful dioramas showing Colorado's large mammals in natural settings.
  • Touch a bighorn sheep horn to count the rings and see how old it is.
  • Touch skulls, bison fur, tracks, scat, antler velvet, jaws, and teeth.
  • See captioned videos of animal behavior and wildlife management issues.
  • Smell a deer's musk scent.
  • Touch the cushioned hooves of a bighorn sheep.
  • Hear a bull elk bugling and bison, mountain lion, prairie dog, and mule deer calls.


North American Indian Cultures, Level 2 

  • See and hear a video of Native American speakers welcoming you to the exhibit in their native languages.
  • See and hear a video of northwest and coast peoples singing during a totem pole raising ceremon.y
  • See a video of Navajo rug weaving.
  • Touch and experience a real Navajo hogan.


Egyptian Mummies, Level 3 

  • See and hear a captioned video about CT-scanning the mummies.
  • See what they found inside and learn about mummification in ancient Egypt.


Explore Colorado, Level 3 

  • Hear birds and other animal sounds.
  • Touch life-size sculptures of a bobcat and river otter.
  • See captioned natural history stories and play games on a touch-screen computer.
  • Ample seating is available.


Prehistoric Journey, Level 3 

  • See the development of life on Earth, told with amazing fossils, from tiny trilobites to giant dinosaurs.
  • See and hear a captioned video about the beginning of life on Earth.
  • Touch real fossils and casts of footprints, bones, shells, plants, mammoth and mastodon teeth, skulls, fish shark skin, ammonites, and a stegosaurus brain.
  • See captioned videos that show science in action and document unusual life forms.
  • Hear realistic animal sounds as you walk through life-size prehistoric environments.


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