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Bailey Library is temporarily closed through late 2020.

The Museum’s Bailey Library will be closed until further notice as we recently learned that the library space would be heavily impacted by construction during a Bond-funded HVAC improvement project. At this time, the museum’s library collections are being packed and moved into storage, and will therefore be inaccessible. We anticipate materials being available again in late 2020. Rare books from the library’s collections are available by appointment via our archives department; to make an appointment, please contact [email protected].

The Archives preserves the institution’s historic records dating back over a century to the museum’s founding years. Collections include over 33,000 files of correspondence, research data, field notes, and administrative records.

Image Archives is the official storehouse for the Museum's 700,000 images. These photographic collections provide insight into a world in transition. By preserving and making these images available, Image Archives provides a valuable resource not only within the local community but also nationally and globally.

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Rare Books

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All of the library's rare books are included in the online catalog. Highlights include:

  • Copies of all Museum publications from 1915 to the present
  • Accounts of all three of James Cook's voyages, published 1773-1784
  • History of the Indian Tribes of North America, published in 1838
  • Early surveys of the West, published 1867-1890

Contact Information

Phone: 303.370.6089
Email: [email protected]

Phone: 303.370.8250
Email: [email protected]

Phone: 303.370.6362
Email: [email protected]

Search the library catalog. 

Bailey Library is temporarily closed through late 2020.

Featured collection: Konovalenko gem carvings.



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